Nazarii Chornyi

lawyer and investigative reporter

11 May 2023, 12:00
Investment banker Ihor Mazepa claims pressure on business — businessman Oleh Tokar accuses him of fraud. Details of the conflict over the Mainytske gas field

The full-scale phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war has relegated to the background most of the topics that, until February 24, 2024, with a high probability, would be in the headlin ...

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14 Apr 2023, 13:00
Creation of a network of misinformation – how a multimillion network of fakes emerged on Facebook during a year of full-scale war

If you follow social networks, you can easily name the topics of the most popular posts. War, the army, fallen defenders, civilian victims of Russian aggression, heroism of the Ukr ...

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9 Mar 2023, 10:15
Why appointment of Semen Kryvonos as new NABU director is a wake-up call

On March 6, the Cabinet of Ministers ‘in turbo mode’ appointed the head of the State Inspectorate of Architecture Semen Kryvonos as the new director of the National Anti-Corruption ...

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22 Jan 2023, 19:56
To blame Kobolev, NABU must prove his connection with Biden’s advisor – what is wrong with the accusations of awarding a bonus for the victory over Gazprom

The accusation of the ex-head of ‘Naftogaz’ Andrii Kobolev has become one of the biggest news in the recent days. Opinions regarding the decision of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) divided. Some consider it a political decision, others appeal to the equality of all before the law and the absence of ‘untouchables’, but the majority is trying to understand what it was and how it could end not only for Andrii Kobolev, but for Ukraine in general. Let us consider this from three positions - economic, legal and political.

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24 May 2022, 18:35
SBU and Medvedchuk against Poroshenko – the legal significance of charges

Yesterday, the Security Service of Ukraine announced that Viktor Medvedchuk had provided evidence regarding the ‘Samara-West direction’ oil pipeline and the purchase of coal from t ...

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22 Feb 2022, 15:02
‘Independent’ separatist states in Ukrainian Donbas. Did Putin decree change the situation for good?

What can be real implications of the move and what does Ukraine need to do in the situation?

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17 Nov 2021, 16:59
Three missteps of Oksana Markarova

Oksana Markarova has been thrown back into the spotlight amid reports of the disrupted trip of Ukrainian lawmakers to Washington and their complaints about the snub they got there from the Ukrainian ambassador to the US.  'Bukvy' looks back at three missteps that marred the reputation of the former finance minister. 

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