Vladislava Didenko

9 Jun 2022, 22:16
‘They applied for Ukrainian citizenship’ – ‘Bukvy’ interview with Aiden Aslin’s brother-in-arms

Aiden Aslin is a British national who fought against Russian invasion within the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In April 2022, he was taken prisoner-of-war in the besieged Mariupol, and ...

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2 Jun 2022, 20:24
Tell about Kherson! – life in occupation story

Oksana Hlebushkina is a native of Kherson who had spent 62 days in the occupation since the beginning of the full-scale war, and left the city on May 2 with her mother, daughter, and her colleague with a daughter. She left after the mobile connection was disrupted on April 30, and it helped a lot, because the occupiers at the checkpoint on Berislav-Kryvyi Rih highway could not check her phone, although they usually did it very thoroughly. She also considers it lucky that her car never came under fire, as happened to many.

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10 Nov 2021, 21:23
Petro Poroshenko calls for sanctions against Putin and Lukashenko, Russian media react

Petro Poroshenko supported the blames of the Polish authorities regarding migrant crisis, which caused hysteria in the Russian media.

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5 Jul 2021, 18:39
Has the ‘duel’ between Arestovych and Nezhynskyi Hurok been canceled forever? Trilateral Contact Group spokesperson’s comment

Yermak’s adviser and spokesperson of the Trilateral Contact Group Oleksii Arestovych clashed on social networks with Internet troll Nezhynskyi Hurok (‘Nizhyn Cucumber’), after which he called the latter for a ‘conversation’. The ‘conversation’, however, has not happened and is not planned in the near future.

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