attack on journalist

20 Aug, 2021 13:12
Police refuse to launch investigation against initiator of attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The National Police of Ukraine refuse to detain and open criminal proceedings against Vitalii Horodyskyi, the initiator of the assault on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnii.

18 Aug, 2021 13:00
Two suspects in Kuzhelnii case stand trial in Kyiv

A pretrial court hearing started in the case of the assault on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnii. Two Lviv natives are facing charges under Art. 345-1 (threat or violence against a journalist) of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

17 Aug, 2021 20:54
Council of Europe registers attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The report on the attack on ‘Bukvy’ journalist Oleksandr Kuzhelnii appeared on the website of the Council of Europe.

16 Aug, 2021 23:27
OSCE official condemns attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, responded to the attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi and called for protection of the press in Ukraine.

16 Aug, 2021 21:15
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: initiator identified

‘Bukvy’ managed to establish the identity of the person who initiated the attack on Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi.

15 Aug, 2021 19:40
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: police file charges against 2 men

Kyiv police said they filed charges against two men in connection to beating of ‘Bukvy’ journalist Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi with suspects now facing up to five years in prison.

15 Aug, 2021 14:55
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: what really happened and what can it lead to

On Saturday, August 14, ‘Bukvy’ journalist Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi was reporting from a rally ‘Stop the capitulation’, which brought together different nationalist groups to protest against recent repressions targeting Ukrainian nationalists and betrayal of Ukraine’s interests. When the rally ended, Kuzhelnyi was surrounded and assaulted by a group of angry protesters who demanded the ‘Bukvy’ reporter to delete all the photos he had taken at the event.