1 Dec, 2021 23:56
Bukvy media outlet alerted about upcoming cyberattack

Bukvy has been alerted  that in upcoming days our media outlet can be targeted with a cyberattack aiming to discredit its journalists and owners.

24 Nov, 2021 23:53
‘Bukvy’ responds to smear campaign and attacks on media outlet

On November 23, ‘Bukvy’ was hit by false claims coming from the disgruntled employee of our social team. The guy took to social media with made-up allegations and grievances to bad ...

5 Oct, 2021 19:29
How Bukvy has battled a month-long cyber-attack 

A 'Bukvy' story about the controversial Ukrainian space entrepreneur led to a massive DDos attack. What tricks are attackers using to block our news website.

18 Aug, 2021 13:00
Two suspects in Kuzhelnii case stand trial in Kyiv

A pretrial court hearing started in the case of the assault on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnii. Two Lviv natives are facing charges under Art. 345-1 (threat or violence against a journalist) of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

17 Aug, 2021 20:54
Council of Europe registers attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The report on the attack on ‘Bukvy’ journalist Oleksandr Kuzhelnii appeared on the website of the Council of Europe.

16 Aug, 2021 23:27
OSCE official condemns attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, responded to the attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi and called for protection of the press in Ukraine.

16 Aug, 2021 21:15
Attack on ‘Bukvy’ reporter: initiator identified

‘Bukvy’ managed to establish the identity of the person who initiated the attack on Oleksandr Kuzhelnyi.