cultural heritage

4 Apr, 2023 14:55
1,373 cultural facilities damaged by Russian strikes, – government report

As of March 25, 2023, Russian artillery and air strikes have damaged 1,373 cultural facilities. 514 of them have been completely ruined. Ukraine’s ministry of culture reports that ...

16 Mar, 2023 00:30
Return of cultural objects stolen by Russia during the war may take many years, – culture ministry

During the full-scale war, Russians stole dozens of thousands of cultural heritage objects from Ukraine. The exact number of such items is now unknown and the return may take many ...

21 Nov, 2022 00:25
A church that survived two World Wars destroyed by Russian strike

In Mykolaiv region, the church that had survived two World Wars was destroyed by the Russian strike. The church was built in the village of Kyselivka in 1852. The local priest said ...

8 Nov, 2022 15:39
Stepan the Cat becomes ambassador of ‘Save Ukrainian Culture’ project

Stepan the Cat from Kharkiv has become the ambassador of the ‘Save Ukrainian Culture’ project, Ukraine’s culture ministry said on Facebook. The project aims to raise funds for the ...

28 Sep, 2022 11:14
Heritage site destroyed by Russian strike in Zaporizhzhya region

In early morning, Russian invaders hit with missiles the town of Huliaipole in Zaporizhzhya region. The strike targeted the city center destroying a historic building, region gover ...

25 Jun, 2022 14:41
Russian military committed 396 war crimes against Ukraine’s cultural heritage, – government report

Since the beginning of the full-fledged war against Ukraine, Russian invaders have committed 396 war crimes, which involved the damage to the objects of the Ukrainian cultural heri ...

13 Aug, 2021 09:39
‘Appropriation and destruction of cultural heritage’, Ukraine files report to International Criminal Court on Russia’ crimes in Crimea

Ukraine pushes for investigation of Russia's violent acts against cultural heritage cites in Crimea.