Denys Shmygal

24 Apr, 2022 12:24
‘We will not be destroyed by any horde or wickedness’, -Zelensky and other Ukrainian political leaders deliver Easter greetings

On Easter Sunday, Ukrainian political leaders offered their greetings to Ukrainians amid subdued celebrations of one of the biggest Christian holidays. 

19 Nov, 2021 01:13
Ukraine’s PM urges US Senate to make sanctions against Nord Stream 2 part of US defense bill

Kyiv seeks support of the US Senate against 'the geopolitical poject that would make Ukraine ‘more vulnerable to Russian aggression’.

17 Nov, 2021 13:51
 PM Denys Shmygal provides first details on financial incentive for vaccinated Ukrainians

The money will be paid through 'virtual payment cards' and can be spent on theatres, fitness memberships, recreational activities, and domestic travel.

12 Nov, 2021 01:35
Coal imports from Kazakhstan are blocked by Moscow, says Ukraine’s energy deputy minister

Energy shortages  add to the woes of the pandemic-hit Ukraine as the government efforts to buy coal from as far as Kazakhstan are hampered by Moscow, said the energy deputy minister Maksym Nemchynov in an interview for 1+1 TV channel.

20 Oct, 2021 18:00
Ukrainian PM offers solution to avoid full lockdown

The Ukrainian goverment seeks to bring weekly vaccine uptake to 1.5 million doses to curb the resurging pandemic.

6 Oct, 2021 17:11
Ukrainian government rewrites budget spending to cover growing pension payouts

The Ukrainian goverment has reviewed this year's budget adding extra 18,5 billion hryvnas to its spending sheet to cover state pension payouts.

14 Sep, 2021 12:46
Ukraine’s PM announces introduction of funded pension

Government pledges to providing financing for the second stage of pension system reform