16 Nov, 2021 15:19
Breakaway ‘Golos’ MP rattled by questions about her links to ruling party members

On Tuesday, opposition MP Oleksandra Ustinova was spotted amiably chatting with two senior MPs of the ruling party – Oleksandr Kornienko and Oleksandr Trukhin.  'Bukvy' set out to find out what comes behind the behind-the-scenes conversation of three lawmakers.

29 Jul, 2021 10:42
Four ‘Golos’ MPs defect, blast party leadership

Four 'Golos' MPs - Olga Stefanyshyna, Oleksandra Ustinova, Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, and Solomiya Bobrovska are quitting the party over mounting disagreements with Kira Rudyk.

16 Jun, 2021 09:49
10 MPs break away from ‘Golos’ fraction, slam party leaders

10 ‘Golos’ MPs quit the party to form what they call ‘Spravedlyvist’ parliamentary subgroup  following the rift with their parliamentary fraction leader Yaroslav Zheleznyak.