23 Sep, 2022 12:51
Group of hackers detained in Lviv selling 30 million personal users’ information- SBU

Ukraine’s security agency said Friday it has busted hackers in Lviv who were selling personal information of about 30 million social media users of Ukrainians and EU nationals. The ...

26 Jul, 2022 18:05
New cyberattack alert: Russian hackers send out malicious emails targeting Ukrainians

Ukrainians should be vigilant about new potentially malicious emails stating they are sent  from National Academy of Ukraine’s intelligence service, the SBU. The warning comes from ...

5 Jun, 2022 21:24
Live broadcast of Ukraine’ national team match disrupted by Russian cyberattack

The Sunday live broadcast of the final 2022 World Cup qualifier between Ukrainian and Welsh football sides was thrown into disarray in an alleged hacking attack on Ukraine’s ...

16 May, 2022 12:24
We ‘rained on Russia’a parade’ – Ukrainian officials report 240 successful cyber attacks on Russian websites

Ukraine’s digital transformation ministry said in a statement  Monday the country cyber specialists are stepping up their cyber response to Russia’s invasion. “IT army is defending ...

26 Jan, 2022 15:46
Another Ukrianian official website hit by a malware attack, – Foreign Ministry statement

Cyberattacks continue to plague Ukraine’s official websites as hackers now take aim at UkraineNow platform.

23 Jan, 2022 11:46
‘Diya’ personal data leak: Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Ministry called out over social media manipulation and use of bots

The  Digital Transofrmation Ministry led by Mykhaylo Fedorov is swept up in a new controversy over allegations it may have used bots  and fake accounts for a dubious social media c ...

14 Jan, 2022 16:16
Ukrainian officials offer first assessment of damage caused by cyberattack that hit governmental sites

State agency warns hacks targeting Ukraine's govermental websites can be renewed with hackers abusing vulnerabilities of existing systems.