Joe Biden

20 Feb, 2023 15:17
Joe Biden plaque on the Walk of the Brave in Kyiv

The Joe Biden plaque was opened on the Walk of the Brave in Kyiv during president’s visit to Ukraine on February 20. The Walk of the Brave features leaders and countries who have s ...

9 Jul, 2022 00:10
Congresswoman Spartz requests president Biden a briefing on oversight procedures performed relating to Andriy Yermak

The US Congress representative Victoria Spartz said on Twitter that she sent a letter to president Biden requesting a a briefing on oversight procedures performed relating to presi ...

28 Jan, 2022 21:03
‘We don’t have a Titanic here’. Key takeaways of Zelensky briefing for foreign media

Ukraine's president argued there is no daylight between him and Joe Biden over of Russia's military threat, though he claimed the situation is not so 'tense' as it is painted by Western media reports.

20 Jan, 2022 17:53
‘There are no minor incursions’, -Ukraine’s president responds to Biden’s choice of words

President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to US president Joe Biden's words that the West does not yet know what to do if there is a ‘minor incursion’ of Russia into Ukraine.

3 Jan, 2022 00:48
Biden talks to Zelensky: key takeaways

In a phone call Sunday, Joe Biden told Volodymyr Zelensky the US and its allies ‘will respond decisively if Russia further invades’.

10 Dec, 2021 21:17
Ukraine’s president gives TV interview after phone call with Joe Biden. Key takeaways

'Thanks to the U.S.', one more platform for talks with Russia may appear, in addition to the so-called Normandy format, said Zelensky.

10 Dec, 2021 11:56
White House gives a readout of Biden-Zelensky call

Amid fears of military escalation in Donbas, the US president called Volodymyr Zelensky two days after he spoke two hours with Vladimir Putin.