mandatory vaccination

31 Jan, 2022 13:58
Covid mandates in Ukraine: unvaccinated employees to be suspended

Unvaccinated workers in public sector jobs to be placed on leave without pay according to state mandate made effective January 31.

11 Nov, 2021 11:41
Government to introduce mandatory vaccination for medical workers

Ukraine's health minister Viktor Liashko said government aims to widen he list of occupations for mandatory vaccination.

9 Nov, 2021 10:31
Ukraine updates list of professions for mandatory vaccination

The Ministry of Health has expanded the list of occupations, which are subject to mandatory vaccination.

27 Sep, 2021 17:00
Government to introduce mandatory COVID vaccination

The Ministry of Health has prepared a draft order on compulsory vaccination for state employees.

21 Sep, 2021 10:50
Ukraine considers  compulsory vaccination, health minister Lyashko

Ukraine’ health minister says Monday the government can 'follow the EU and the US experience' making Covid jabs mandatory