Ministry of Foreign Affairs

13 Jun, 2023 16:09
Foreign ministry launches chat-bot to help Ukrainians abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of WhiteBIT, launched a chat-bot to help Ukrainians in different countries of the world. As reported by the ministry, the chat-bot ...

17 Jan, 2023 17:12
IAEA delegation in Kyiv, – foreign ministry

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave the details regarding the visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency delegation to Kyiv. The spokesperson of the foreign ministry Ol ...

23 Feb, 2022 11:35
Ukraine’s foreign ministry called on its citizens to leave Russia

Foreign Ministry urges citizens to refrain from going to Russia amid growing escalation arguing it will have limited resources to ensure their safety in a hostile country.

15 Oct, 2021 13:44
Ukraine condemns Russia’s census held in occupied Crimea

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the census started by Russia in the territory of the occupied Crimea.