30 Nov, 2022 13:34
Ukraine launches ‘Music Mobilization’ project

Ukrainian pop stars launch the ‘Music Mobilization’ project supported by the digital and culture ministries. The purpose of this project is to show that Ukraine has many talented p ...

24 Dec, 2021 12:19
‘Carol of the Bell’ turns 105. Tragic story of Ukrainian composer who wrote it

The song by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych known all over the world as ‘Carol of the Bells’ was first performed in Kyiv in December 1916.

15 Nov, 2021 19:02
Norwegian alt-rock ‘Madrugada’ stage a powerful comeback

After 13 years of artistic hiatus and stumbling side projects, the Norwegian rockers are coming back with a new release 'Chimes at Midnight'.

9 Nov, 2021 19:27
Post-black metal and emerging Ukrainian bands

Post-black metal exploded in 2010 with the band ‘Deafheaven’ from San Francisco. To this day, this genre, which destroys dogmas, has its fans. And they are not just followers of extreme metal.