7 Mar, 2023 15:11
Naftogaz ex-chair Andrii Kobolev cannot pay the bail because of arrested assets

Ex-head of Naftogaz company Andrii Kobolev said that the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office arrested his accounts, which is why he is unable to pay a bail of 229 ...

6 Mar, 2023 20:52
‘European Solidarity’ party considers Kobolev case ‘politically motivated’

The ‘European Solidarity’ party made a statement regarding the case against the former head of Naftogaz Andrii Kobolev, calling it politically motivated, and noted that the prosecu ...

1 Mar, 2023 18:19
UAH 229 million bail for Naftogaz ex-chair Kobolev

As reported by the Center for Counteracting Corruption, on March 1, the Appellate Chamber of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court chose a preventive measure in the form of bail of UAH ...

22 Jan, 2023 19:56
To blame Kobolev, NABU must prove his connection with Biden’s advisor – what is wrong with the accusations of awarding a bonus for the victory over Gazprom

The accusation of the ex-head of ‘Naftogaz’ Andrii Kobolev has become one of the biggest news in the recent days. Opinions regarding the decision of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) divided. Some consider it a political decision, others appeal to the equality of all before the law and the absence of ‘untouchables’, but the majority is trying to understand what it was and how it could end not only for Andrii Kobolev, but for Ukraine in general. Let us consider this from three positions - economic, legal and political.

1 Feb, 2022 20:48
Former Naftogaz CEO house raided by police

Andriy Kobolev who stepped down from his CEO role at Naftogaz last year said State Bureau of Investigation raided and searched his house on Tuesday in connection to investigation on 2020 Naftogaz settlement agreement with Kostyantyn Zhevago companies.

18 Jan, 2022 20:10
‘Naftogaz’ subsidiary probed over wholesale gas price fixing

Ukraine’s Antimonopoly Committee launches a probe into gas pricing policies of ‘Naftogaz’.

13 Jan, 2022 20:49
Ukraine goverment’s updates petrol and diesel price ceilings

The new price adjustment is no good news for Ukrainian drivers who face higher charges at pumps.