National Anti-Corruption Bureau

26 Jun, 2023 12:45
Head of Ternopil region council detained by Anti-Corruption Bureau

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has detained the head of the Ternopil Regional Council and two officials of the regional administration. According to the NABU and Anti-Corrupti ...

9 Mar, 2023 10:15
Why appointment of Semen Kryvonos as new NABU director is a wake-up call

On March 6, the Cabinet of Ministers ‘in turbo mode’ appointed the head of the State Inspectorate of Architecture Semen Kryvonos as the new director of the National Anti-Corruption ...

6 Mar, 2023 19:57
New head of National Anti-Corruption Bureau appointed

On March 6, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Semen Kryvonos, who previously headed the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning, as the director of the National Anti-C ...

6 Mar, 2023 12:52
NABU comments on the alleged persecution of reformers

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine responded to the media reports of ‘persecution’ of the ex-chair of Naftogaz Andrii Kobolev and the head of the Boryspil airport Yevhe ...

15 Nov, 2021 23:47
Mykola Chaus is awaiting trial after prosecutors finally file charges

National Anti-Corruption Bureau said they finalized charges against notorious fugitive judge Mykola Chaus who was kidnapped in Moldova and taken back to Ukraine earlier this year.

13 Oct, 2021 22:10
Anti-corruption court tosses another ‘Rotterdam+’ inquiry

Another attempt to revisit the ‘Rotterdam+’ case faces setback after the judge rejects the appeal.