National Bank of Ukraine

25 Jan, 2023 15:44
40% of bank branches are ready for potential blackout, – National Bank

1,827 bank branches, which is 40% of the total number in Ukraine, are ready for a potential blackout. The premises are additionally equipped with alternative energy sources and bac ...

26 Dec, 2022 11:21
Ukraine creates bank network to withstand possible blackout

The National Bank of Ukraine, together with system banks, has created a joint network of thousands of bank branches. The network is supposed to operate in case of a total blackout. ...

8 Sep, 2022 13:46
National Bank of Ukraine trades $100 million to banks to adress cash shortages

National Bank of Ukraine, the NBU, steps in to pour $100 million into Ukrainian banks crippled by shortages of the hard currency cash. On Thursday, it offered the first wide cleara ...

15 Aug, 2022 18:58
Over 19.5 billion UAH transferred by National Bank to Ukraine’s army

As of August 15, 2022, the National Bank of Ukraine has already transferred more than 19.5 billion UAH to the country’s Armed Forces. In total, since the opening of the special acc ...

11 Aug, 2022 19:19
Ukrainian banks report 4,6 billion hryvnas’ losses, – report by National Bank of Ukraine

Ukrainian banks appear to be in ‘poor shape’  as the fallout from Russia’s invasion saw them overall  lose 4.6 billion hryvnas over the two quarters of 2022. According to a report ...

4 Jan, 2022 23:05
Ukraine’s businesses sentiment about recovery in 2022 far from optimistic as survey shows

Climbing energy prices, rising productions costs, and quarantine curbs clouded the outlook for business activity in Ukraine.

21 Dec, 2021 10:54
National Bank calls for tighter control over use of COVID payments

The National Bank of Ukraine warning statement comes amid reports of misuse of the funds and lenient control by esquire banks over the spending.