5 Jun, 2023 13:34
Almost a third of bomb shelters are unusable, – internal ministry

As of June 5, rescuers, police and representatives of local executive authorities checked 50,195 bomb shelters. 32% of them were locked or unusable. As reported by the internal min ...

16 Sep, 2022 15:03
Ten torture rooms found in de-occupied Kharkiv territories, – Ukraine’s police

In a briefing Friday, the head of Ukraine’s National Police Ihor Klymenko stated that ten torture rooms were found in the liberated areas of Kharkiv region. The police chief said R ...

4 May, 2022 14:56
20 dead bodies discovered in Kyiv region – regional police chief

Kyiv regional police said it is still recovering dead bodies in the region  following the March pullback of Russian troops. Twenty bodies that have been found in the last weeks see ...

10 Apr, 2022 13:48
Humanitarian aid delivery comes unde attack in Lysychansk

The Ukrainian patrol police unit was  fired on  in Lysychansk on April 9  while delivering humanitarian aid to the city residents, said Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai. The Russian ...

1 Feb, 2022 20:48
Former Naftogaz CEO house raided by police

Andriy Kobolev who stepped down from his CEO role at Naftogaz last year said State Bureau of Investigation raided and searched his house on Tuesday in connection to investigation on 2020 Naftogaz settlement agreement with Kostyantyn Zhevago companies.

29 Dec, 2021 16:40
Police raids houses of European Solidarity politicians and activists

The search warrants came in relation to the ongoing investigation into 2014-2015 coal supply schemes. 

19 Sep, 2021 13:40
Thousands join Pride parade in Ukraine’s capital

LGBT activists and their supporters joined the Equality March in Kyiv to make a stand for rights of gender and sexual minorities.