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17 Feb, 2022 21:40
Ukraine’s Prosecutor General on ‘Poroshenko case’ prospects

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova commented on how long the investigation of the ‘coal case’ against former president Petro Poroshenko will last.

7 Jan, 2022 16:38
Poroshenko’s lawyer refutes DBR statement regarding ‘Priamyi’ and ‘5 kanal’ TV channels

Ihor Holovan, the lawyer of Petro Poroshenko, claims the DBR statement that they did not seek to freeze ‘Priamyi’ and ‘5 kanal’ TV channels assets is untrue.

6 Jan, 2022 20:11
Arrest of Petro Poroshenko’s assets: ‘European Solidarity’ party issues statement

The list of arrested Poroshenko’s assets includes ‘Priamyi’ and ‘5 kanal’ TV channels, which do not actually belong to the former president of Ukraine.

6 Jan, 2022 10:50
Kyiv court poised to freeze Poroshenko’s assets, – lawyer

Kyiv court is reportedly going to hold a closed hearing on prosecutors’ motion seeking freeze of Poroshenko’s assets, says the lawyer of the former president.

24 Dec, 2021 18:19
Prosecutors obtain arrest warrant for Poroshenko, seek 1 billion hryvnas bail- media reports

The move by prosecutors opens the way for a swift arres of the former Ukrainian president once he comes back from his international travel.

23 Dec, 2021 14:45
EU lawmakers send stark warning over persecution of Ukraine’s opposition

Members of the European Parliament addressed Ukrainian authorities on the decision to investigate the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

22 Dec, 2021 18:42
Poroshenko’s lawyer wants to question Zelensky and his top officials

Ihor Holovan, the lawyer of the former president Petro Poroshenko, wants to call Zelensky and his top officials as witnesses in the ‘coal case’.