17 Aug, 2022 09:58
22,000 teachers left Ukraine after February 24, – Ukraine’s ombudsman

Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine about 22 thousand Ukrainian teachers left the country and evacuated abroad. Most of them continue teaching online, said ombudsma ...

1 Aug, 2022 11:10
President Zelensky calls on Donetsk region residents to evacuate

President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the residents of Donbas to evacuate. The Ukrainian government has decided on a mandatory evacuation from Donetsk region. The president urged ...

13 Apr, 2022 18:07
870 thousand Ukrainians have returned to the homeland since February 24, – Ukraine’s border service

The press officer of Ukraine’s border control service said in briefing Wednesday that about 870,000 Ukrainian citizens have returned to the country since the beginning of Russian i ...