Serhiy Leshchenko

10 Jan, 2022 22:32
Ukrzaliznytsya confirms former MP Serhiy Leshchenko second term in advisory role

State-run rail operator has avoided questions over Leshchenko's salary.

19 Nov, 2021 02:07
Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko rushes to defent Zelensky’s officials amid new Bellingcat findings

Former MP Serhiy Leshchenko tried to downplay the damaging revelations of Bellingcat report, which exposed the role of Zelensky's officials in the botched capture plan of Russian mercinaries.

15 Nov, 2021 00:13
Serhiy Leshchenko denies claims he will take over information policies in Zelensky administration

Serhiy Leshchenko calls the speculation about him taking over the information bried in Zelensky adminstration an efforto to provoke a 'split among the president's supporters'.

20 Oct, 2021 12:25
‘Demands and ultimatums’, Ukraine’s public broadcaster journalists expose pressure from Zelensky administration

UA Suspilne TV journalist Myroslava Barchuk vents out her frustrations over mounting pressure from Zelensky’s officials on public broadcaster journalists. In her statement on Faceb ...

9 May, 2021 10:11
Serhiy Leshchenko’s wife known as Dj Nastia shares video and photos of her May 9 performance in Moscow

The artist shared the photos and video of her DJ performance on Instagram that sees her donning a black latex outfit and a chains-and-beads headdress. The look got a complimentary ...

8 May, 2021 13:53
‘Moscow calling’- Anastasiya Topolska got a Covid shot to play a DJ set at ‘sex-positive’ party in Russian capital

Anastasiya Topolska known as DJ Nastia and a wife of former Ukrainian MP Serhiy Leshchenko allegedly got a Covid shot to perform in a Moscow’s club.

4 May, 2021 16:00
‘With egg on his face’ – Serhiy Leshchenko photos bewilder his Instagram followers

‘Ukrzaliznytsya” Advisory Board member ‘teases’ his Instagram followers with a funny eye mask and quizzes them on botany and ornithology