Serhiy Sternenko

11 Jan, 2023 13:20
Serhii Prytula reports on raised funds

TV presenter, public figure and volunteer Serhii Prytula published a report on the expenditure of funds that were collected within the ‘revenge’ initiative. According to the report ...

10 Feb, 2022 19:28
Ukraine’s Supreme Court scraps charges against activist Serhiy Sternenko in ‘one bullet’ case

Serhiy Sternenko said 'there is just one charge standing', arguing he will appeal with European Court of Human Rights to clean up his reputation.

31 May, 2021 17:37
Serhiy Sternenko sentenced to one-year probation, ruling by Odesa Appellate court

Odesa Appellate Court convicts political activist Serhiy Sternenko on two charges awarding him a suspended sentence.

30 May, 2021 19:21
‘Dictatorship doesn’t become you’, rally at the president’s office calls for Sternenko release

On May 30, protesters gathered in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities to support the jailed activist Serhiy Sternenko.

14 May, 2021 17:30
Odesa appeals court upholds house arrest for Serhiy Sternenko

Public activist Serhiy Sternenko was rejected his appeal on the earlier court decision that put him and Ruslan Demchuk under house arrest on the charges of abduction and robbery of Serhiy Sherbych.  

24 Apr, 2021 16:44
European Liberals criticize political repressions in Ukraine, cite campaigns against Andriy Antonenko and Serhiy Sternenko

The latest repressive campaigns against civil activists in Ukraine face growing disapproval from the liberal parties across Europe.

21 Apr, 2021 17:30
‘Zelensky offered me to head the SBU in Odesa’, Serhiy Sternenko interview

Odesa’s Court of Appeals started a hearing on the earlier Serhiy Sternenko verdict landing him in jail for 7 years and seizing half of his properties on the charges of abduction. The activist denies his involvement with the abduction story calling it politically motivated prosecution.  ‘Bukvy’ spoke with Serhiy Sternenko about his verdict, drug trafficking allegations and an offer from Volodymyr Zelensky to head Odesa’ regional office of the SBU.