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16 Sep, 2021 18:54
Political advertising, social media and FBI

Ratings are a capricious thing that needs constant attention and support. It is especially difficult to to create the semblance of ‘people’s love and approval’ in social networks, where one person can sometimes appear in dozens of avatars, names and accounts. Moreover, the attempts to use bot farms attract the attention not of a potential voter, but of law enforcement officers.

15 Sep, 2021 19:53
‘Likes’ from all the king’s men: how Facebook groups inflate Zelensky’s popularity

'Bukvy' have looked at feeds and pages of Zelensky's supporters to see how his social media campaign and messaging have changed after a network of fake accounts and compomised Public groups affiliated with his officials were removed by Facebook earlier this year.

7 May, 2021 11:22
Facebook responds to ‘Bukvy’ investigation, removes Ukraine-focused ‘bot farms’

Citing ‘Bukvy’ investigation, Facebook reports taking down the two networks of fake accounts and groups linked to Ukraine’s party ‘Servant of the People’, former prime minister Volodymyr Groysman, and two pro-Russian politicians sanctioned by the US administration.

15 Feb, 2021 16:27
How «bot farms» use smear campaigns on social media to attack political opponents of Zelensky

Today social media platforms make us face a grave challenge of dealing with alternative facts, fake news and mirco-targeting ads that politicians use against their rivals and critics.