Tomas Fiala

2 Oct, 2021 13:03
Novoye Vremya called out over manipulative reporting

Natalya Yemchenko, communication director for System Capital Management, hits out at Novoe Vremya over use of 'misleading' information allegedly targeting Rinat Akhmetov.

4 Jun, 2021 18:09
New ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ owner gives first interview, avoids to address past controversies

Dragon Capital CEO and a new ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ owner Tomas Fiala held a question time session with two Ukrainian reporters.

28 May, 2021 16:28
From Sakura to UP Media – Backstory of ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ acquisition by Tomas Fiala

‘Bukvy’ explores the story behind the deal that sees a bold foray of the Czech financier into Ukraine’s media business.   ‘Olena Prytula, the founding editor of online media U ...

28 May, 2021 08:00
Media empire of Tomas Fiala

The news of ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ takeover by Tomas Fiala’s investment company had a ripple effect for Ukrainian mediascape as the popular online newspaper changed hands after 20 years of work as independent media.

27 May, 2021 14:00
Tomas Fiala’s wife disrupting Kyiv traffic, incident of 2015 revisited

The scandal involving Tomas Fiala’s wife re-emerges on social media following the post of the public activist Vladyslav Dulapchiy. The story dates back to March, 2015, when Nataliy ...

26 May, 2021 19:39
Tomas Fiala’s  Kyiv property fraud in 2011 got assistance from notorious judge Vovk, says public investigation

The alleged property fraud scheme involving a new “Ukrainska Pravda’ owner Tomas Fiala  gets revisited shedding light on the role of the notorious Kyiv judge Serhiy Vovk.  

26 May, 2021 15:51
Tomas Fiala buys ‘Ukrainskaya Pravda’ – Profile of new owner

According to the joint statement by Olena Prytula, the founding editor of online media Ukrayinska Pravda (UP), and Tomas Fiala, the CEO of Dragon Capital,   ‘100% stake in the publ ...