23 Nov, 2021 14:15
A Ukrainian caught selling military secrets, – Prosecutor General’s office

A Ukrainian citizen tried to sell secret project documentation of the warship for $ 250 thousand.

12 Oct, 2021 21:47
Court refuses to take Medvedchuk into custody

The court decided on a measure of restraint for Viktor Medvedchuk in the case of abetting terrorists leaving him under house arrest.

11 Oct, 2021 14:33
State attorney seeking record bail for Viktor Medvedchuk

State prosecutors issued arrest warrant for Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of ‘OPZZh’ party, with possible release on UAH 1 billion bail.

18 May, 2021 17:27
Court to address Prosecutor General’s office appeal on Medvedchuk house arrest

Prosecutor General’s office files an appeal on Kyiv Pechersk district court ruling that put ‘Opposition Platform for Life’ MP Viktor Medvedchuk under house arrest.