Ukrainian MPs

22 Feb, 2023 16:00
MP Trukhin concludes a deal with investigation

‘Servant of the People’ MP Oleksandr Trukhin concluded a deal with the investigation, admitting that he offered a bribe to a police officer. During the session of the Supreme Anti- ...

13 Feb, 2023 15:03
MP Herasimov rejects accusations of undeclared property

Co-head of the ‘European Solidarity’ party group in Verkhovna Rada Artur Herasimov said that the accusations against him regarding undeclared property are ungrounded. After his vis ...

3 Jan, 2023 12:58
Ukrainian business paid almost 100% planned taxes, – MP

In 2022, despite the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainian entrepreneurs paid almost 100% of the taxes planned in the state budget. MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak stressed that Ukrainian ...

28 Sep, 2022 17:47
Investigation into MP Trukhin car crash completed, – anti-corruption bureau

National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Anti-Corruption Prosecutor office have finished the investigation into the case of MP Trukhin car accident. According to the investigation, the ...

2 Feb, 2022 10:09
MP Trukhin booted from ‘Servant of the People’ party

Following a new development in a car crash scandal, the ‘Servant of the People’ booted Oleksandr Trukhin from the party.

2 Feb, 2022 09:30
MP Trukhin car crash scandal: police body cam video shows lawmaker offering a bribe to cover up the incident

In the footage obtained by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’, the lawmaker who for several months staunchily denied involvement in the incident is seen moments ater the car crash urging the police officer to let him 'walk away from it' and offering 'favors'.

22 Dec, 2021 13:54
‘Servant of the People’ MP caught on video cursing and insulting traffic police officers

Seething ‘Servant of the People’ MP Mykola Halushko threw obscenities at traffic cops who stopped his car for violating traffic rules.