Ukrainian president

24 Jan, 2022 19:56
No good as a commander-in-chief, -new poll findings rain on Zelensky parade

Majority of Ukrainians doubt Volodymyr Zelensky has attributes of a commader-in-chief to deal with possible Russia's agression.

18 Jan, 2022 18:31
Vertical curve: how Poroshenko case puts an end to Zelensky’s political ambitions

To say that Volodymyr Zelensky has invested all his administrative and organizational efforts in the latest ‘treason’ criminal case against Petro Poroshenko would be a clear understatement.

15 Dec, 2021 15:50
Venice Commission hints approval of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court reshuffle

The nod of approval got a mention in the statement of Ukraine's Constitutional Court on Wednesday.

14 Dec, 2021 23:13
Zelensky ex-chief of staff gives tell-all interview. Key takeaways

Andriy Bohdan claims the Ukrainian president wants to see him in jail as he is offended at his mocking comments on social media.

1 Dec, 2021 17:12
Most Ukrainians shrug off  Zelensky’s anti-oligarch law and are skeptical about his reelection, poll finds

The new poll findings are bad news for Volodymyr Zelensky with two thirds of voters now opposing his relection.

1 Dec, 2021 11:59
‘Direct talks with Russia’, health care incentives, and multiple citizeship. Key takeaways from Zelensky speech in parliament

In a speech to the state legislators the Ukrainian president says Ukraine needs 'direct talks with Russia' and unveils new initiatives.

19 Oct, 2021 11:48
Slidstvo Info counters Zelensky’s response to Pandora Papers revelations

Many questions remain unanswered, says Slidstvo Info senior reporter, commenting Zelensky repsonse to scathing revelations about his offshore businesses.