Volodymyr Putin

8 Feb, 2022 09:50
Poroshenko hits back at Volodymyr Putin over his offer of ‘political asylum’

Russia's 'patronizing' attitude to Ukrainian politicians doesn't work anymore, said Poroshenko, noting 'we can sort it out here on our own'.

28 Dec, 2021 23:07
Petro Poroshenko reveals the lesson he learnt from talks with Russia’s president

Former Ukrainian president warned Western leaders that 'once you start fearing Putin, you will lose'.

3 Dec, 2021 22:50
‘After Zelensky’s talk with Putin I got removed because of the sting operation targeting Volodymyr Tzemakh’, says former intelligence senior

Roman Chervinsky's revelations implied his dismissal was part of the behind-the-scenes deal between Zelensky and Putin.

22 Jun, 2021 14:47
‘Fourth package of sanctions’ against Belarus and sanctions against Russia

After meeting with a former Belarusian president candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska the EU imposed new sanctions against Oleksandr Lukashenko regime. The so-called ‘fourth package of EU sanctions’ affects primary sectors of Belarusian economics.

17 Jun, 2021 11:14
Biden vs Putin. The summit that turned tables

It is stark clear that party affiliations will split observers and experts in their judgment and sentiments over the Geneva summit of Joe Biden and Volodymyr Putin.

31 May, 2021 09:13
Wet satrap. What made Lukashenko swim in nippy waters of the Black Sea

The sea dip Lukashenko took on suggestion from the Russian president during their informal meeting in Sochi outweighed all other events of his two-day visit to Russia, and illustrates the true nature of Belarus-Russia bilateral relations.

20 May, 2021 16:46
Press conference of Volodymyr Zelensky. Key takeaways

During a three-hour news conference on Thursday, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky gave judgment of  his two years in office.