At a government meeting Tuesday, the prime minister Denys Shmygal offered to reallocate state budget funds to secure purchase of imported vaccines.

The government offers to spend 1.4 billion hryvnas that come from custom duties on temporarily imported cars.

‘We will approve this draft law and pass it to the parliament,’ said Denys Shmygal.

‘The day before the scheme of preferential customs clearance was introduced. Those, who will apply for it, will now be aware that these funds will go on fighting the pandemic,’ stressed the prime minister.

He also addressed the issue of Ukraine’s vaccination rates, which ‘are picking up steam’ with over 50 thousand of daily shots now administered in 50 vaccination centers across the country.

Revenues from customs duties are set to help state-funded Covid programs following introduction of the new law on custom clearance of temporarily imported cars that was made effective on June 15.

The offer of  lower custom duties on temporarily imported cars – the popular scheme among Ukrainians seeking cheaper options on vehicles– will be valid till the end of 2021.  Custom clearance of such cars will cost under 1000 Euros.