Since the beginning of the ‘Grain Initiative’, 44 ships have exported 1 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products to Egypt.

Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry reported that on March 30, six cargo ships left Ukrainian ports bringing agricultural products to Africa.

In total, 1 million tons of Ukrainian food products have been exported to Egypt country since the beginning of the ‘Grain Initiative’.

Egypt is the most populous country among the Arab states and the third most populous in Africa. As Egypt is going through a financial crisis, the country depends on a systematic supply of grain at a stable price.

At the latest bidding procedure, Egypt purchased a new batch of Ukrainian wheat in the amount of 120,000 tons. It will be shipped next month.

As stated by the ministry, Ukraine continues to be the guarantor of food security for the whole world. Since August 1, 857 ships have exported 26.2 million tons of Ukrainian food to the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa.