Eleven tanks,  2 armored vehicles and 7 thousand of different guns and rounds of ammunition were seized  from  residents of  Poltava region, said the alarmed regional council  in a statement on Thursday.

Local police has opened 92 criminal cases of unlawful gun possession, which marks some uptick of this crime compared to the last month figure that stood at 72.   At least 47 people are now facing trial in gun-possession cases as the region largely spared by Russian onslaught appears to be awash in guns.

The good news is that overall crime has dropped by a third (35%)-  serious crimes  are also down by 29% , with the reported cases,  falling from 2166 to 1525.

Among the things found in caches of Poltava gun-lovers were 158 firearms, 46 automatic rifles, 8 machine guns, 4 hand-held mortar guns, 54 grenades, 222 different shells, and 7 thousand bullets.