Evacuation crew ‘White Angel’ got under Russian fire in the Bakhmut area. One of the projectiles wounded a 14-year-old girl, and the other got stuck in the body armor of a police officer.

As reported by the National Police, this has been the second time within the last ten days when Russians opened fire targeting ‘White Angel’ evacuation crew.

The incident took place on May 24 during evacuation from the village of New York, Donetsk region.

A Russian shell exploded behind the evacuation vehicle. The explosion was so powerful that the projectiles pierced the armor of the car. At that moment, there were 11 people in the car: five law enforcement officers and a family – mother, grandmother and four children aged from 2 to 14 years old.


Without stopping, the crew took the people out from under the fire and brought them to a safe place. First aid was given to the child on the way.

On May 15, ‘White Angel’ evacuation crew got under fire near Chasiv Yar, but immediately returned to work.