Wednesday sees another reshuffle in the Ukrainian military following dismissal of Commander-in-chief Ruslan Khomchak the day before.

Zelensky fired chief of the general stuff Serhiy Korniychuk replacing him with Serhiy Shaptala. Decorated with ‘Hero of Ukraine’ award,  Korniychuk served in several top military positions – he was deputy commander of Eastern military command (2017-2020) and commander of the 128th Mukachevskiy Military and Infantry Brigade (2014-2017). Before the appointment, a 48-years old  Shaptala headed Western military command .

50-years old lieutenant general Oleksandr Pavlyuk replaced Volodymyr Kravchenko as a new commander of the joint forces operation. In summer of 2020, he was in charge of Ground Forces Command following 3-years service as a commander of northern military command.

Zelensky also fired commander of air assault troops Yevhen Moysyuk.

The rotations are set to ‘intensify the fulfillment of tasks aimed at ensuring the modernization of our army and 100% training of servicemen to defend Ukraine in modern warfare’ said the president’s office statement adding that Zelensky will ‘ expect more systemic work and understanding’ .

On Tuesday, Zelensky’s spokesperson announced  removal  of commander-in-chief Ruslan Khomchak citing ‘disputes’ between Ministry of Defence and the Armed forces officials.