According to the latest update, 2 children were among 18 people killed after Russian missiles struck a 9-storey building and a recreational center in Belhorod-Dnistrovysky district in Odesa in early hours of this morning, said Ukraine’s presidential advisor Kyrylo Tymoshenko in an update on the stike update.

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‘Terror is common tactics of Russia. At first, they cover up their crimes by ‘a good will act’  [talk], and then launch rocket strikes targeting our peaceful towns,’ wrote  Tymoshenko.

The earlier report released by Ukraine’s emergency service said the strike led to collapse of the building façade  spaking a fire.

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The initial death count stood at 14 with 30 more people suffering injuries. Meanwhile, an attack on a recreational center in the suburbs killed 3 more including a child. The latter attack hit two buildings on the premises.

Rescue operation is underway at both sites.