Firefighters had a rough time in Kharkiv on Monday after Russian troops stepped up barrages of its communities.

Ukraine’s emergency service reported that local firefighter teams responded to 15 emergency calls with at least 6 of those being related to the incidents caused by Russian shelling.

Three fires were reported in Chuguyev community while three more happened in Kharkiv and Bogodukhiv districts.

The incidents caused damage to houses, household buildings, and trucks.

The biggest fire broke out in Malynivka, Chuguyev region where the Russian shelling left two children wounded – they were taken to hospital after sustaining shrapnel wounds.

At 11.53 pm another shelling caused a fire at an industrial facility in Kharkiv suburbs. The fire spread over 2,000 sq.m. and damaged 10 vehicles that were parked on site. Eight firefighters teams  managed to contain the flames. There were no reports of casualties.