The office of prosecutor general reported on Thursday that 318 Ukrainian children were killed and 581 wounded after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The death toll, though, is likely higher due the delayed reports from the territories where fierce combat is going on.

The biggest number of children deaths was recorded in Donetsk and Kharkiiv regions – 297 and 170 respectively while 116 chidren lost their lives in Russian onslaught in Kyiv region.

Among the recent cases is a 2-month-old baby that sustained serious wounds in the Russian shelling of Vuhledar, Donestk region, on June 14.

The prosecutors also confirmed the earlier case in Mariupol where two families lost 5 children when their residential building was hit with an airstrike.

In another recently verified case, a 16-year-old child got shrapnel wounds when his family was fired at by a Russian tank in Martove, Kharkiv region, on February 24.

The Russian onslaught has also caused a large-scale destruction to Ukrainian schools – at least 2000 of them were damaged and 208 completely destroyed.