In Thursay OSCE meeting, Yevhen Tsymbalyuk, Ukraine’s envoy to Vienna-based international organisations, raised concern over Russian military attacks that keep claiming lives of Ukrainian soldiers and brining ruin to Donbas civil infrastructure.

‘After the ceasefire was renewed in July 2020, 37 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 115 wounded in Donbas;  today saw a sniper’s bullet of Russian militant groups taking the life of yet another Ukrainian soldier at Novotashkivske,’ said the Ukrainian diplomat in a statement.

Yevheh Tsymbalyuk said that Ukraine have to deal with the situations when the Russia-backed forces forces fail to respect agreements on security guarantees for repair work at the local infrastructure objects with civilian objects in Ukraine-controlled Donbas still coming under firings from separatists.


‘Mode of silence’ in Donbas that came into force on July 27,2020 suffers from regular violations amid reports about growing number of casualties.

The hostilities took lives of 26 Ukrainians by April 8 when hostilities intensified following sanctions against three TV stations owned by pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, according to an April statement of the Ukrainian president.

On April 6, Ukrainian representatives on Minsk TCG offered to hold non-calendar meeting to address the heightening hostilities. The Minsk TCG welcomed the idea but failed to produce a joint statement for its support.