An overnight Russian airstrike targeded suburbs of Sumy, killing four and leaving 6 wounded.

Breaking the news on Telegram Thursday, regional governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyi confirmed the attack hit the Sad community, but he failed to provide the details on the sites attacked and damage suffered.

‘Yes, it is about that blast heared in the half of Sumy district and in the city of Sumy.’

Later came the news of another rocket strike that  hit the Krasnopilly community at 5am on Thursday. It was soon followed by 26 mortar rounds fired from across the border.

The assault set fire to a house and a car.

Presidential advisor Anton Herashenko confirmed another attack on the region Wednesday night. It saw Russian helicopters launching 5 rockets on his Telegram account: “Last night the occupiers fired at Glukhov in Sumy region from helicopters … Unfortunately, according to preliminary data, there are losses among the local population.”