A mother and her child are among 3 victims of the latest Russian shelling in Girske,  Luhansk region, said local governor Serhiy Gaydai.

One more death report came from nearby Zolotove.

There are also fresh accounts of wounded civilians in Severodonetsk where Russian military continue their assault. They targeted one of the bridges in the city, in an attempt to cut off the remaining routes out of it.

‘Yesterday one of their shells struck an apartment place. Fortunately, a father and a son who were there at the moment, were left unscathed. Our military evacuated them to a safer place out of Severodonetsk,’ said the governor.

Over the last day, Russian troops also targeted residential areas in Luhansk communities causing damage to at least 12 residential buildings  in Lysychansk andk Severodonets, 8 houses in Girske, and 7 houses in Novoivanivtsi.