In an attempt to avoid a military call-up under the current martial law, more than 700 Ukrainian men tried to sneak out of the country by claiming to have fake medical exemption certificates, according to a report by Ukraine’s state border service issued on Friday.

Draft offenders have reportedly paid hefty sums to claim the papers allowing to dodge a military conscription, but border control officials say  close coordination with military conscription offices helps them to get all the information on people conscription status.

‘After this [status background checks], the story of recovered offenders gets a sequel at a police station along with opened criminal case,’ said Ukraine state boder service.

The recent case saw a 50-year-old men trying to go to Romania via Solotvino border crossing with a medical certificate granting  him a deferral from the military service.

Checking the military register records, border officials found the document was faked. The embarrassed man who admitted he had bought it for $3 thousand is now facing forgery and draft avoidance charges. If found guilty, he will face up to 5 years in prison. .