Since August 2022, more than 83,000 civilians have left Donetsk region as part of the mandatory evacuation, the Ministry of Reintegration reported.

The mandatory evacuation from Donetsk region began in August 2022 in a view of the possible Russian offensive and coming cold season in the region with almost fully destroyed infrastructure.

The evacuation is mandatory, but not forcible. Any person may refuse to leave, but has to sign the document that he/she understands all the consequences and bears personal responsibility for own decision.

During 11 months of mandatory evacuation, more than 83 thousand citizens moved to safer regions of Ukraine. Among them are more than 9,700 children and more than 3,500 people with reduced mobility.

The transfer of citizens to safer regions of Ukraine is carried out both in a planned and urgent manner in case of need. The evacuation is free of charge. For pre-registration, it is necessary to contact the local authorities.