President of Mariupol Television, volunteer and civil activist Mykola Osychenko said to Dnipro TV that, according to the insider information, 87,000 deaths have been currently documented in morgues in Mariupol, but these numbers are far from final.

Besides documented 87 thousand, a lot of city residents were buried in mass graves unidentified. According to the latest estimates, the number of identified bodies makes 26, 750.

Moreover, many victims were buried in the yards of the apartment blocks and private houses, and a considerable number of dead bodies is still under the rubble.

‘We get terrible estimates, but that’s not the end. The exhumation of bodies in graves in yards is not over yet. The exhumation of bodies from under the rubble of buildings has not ended. Mariupol’s figures are terrible’, Osychenko said.

He also said that people have more questions not for the central government, but for the local authorities. There were no calls for evacuation; there were no prepared shelters in the city, except for those in metallurgical plants.