During the year of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, a number of social, political and financial moods changed in the society. Ukrainians have become more aware of the issue of self-identification, more tolerant of the LGBTQ+ community, childfree, and have increased trust in the Armed Forces and the president. However, citizens have doubts about the current parliament, as well as economic stability.

As it is reported by Rating sociology group, the absolute majority of respondents identify themselves as Ukraine nationals. Compared to 2021, the indicator increased from 76 to 94%. In addition, half of the respondents identify themselves as Europeans. During the year of the full-scale war, 22% of Ukrainians switched to a more frequent use of the Ukrainian language.

Evaluating the financial situation at the end of 2022, two-thirds of respondents said about the deterioration in their financial situation, and a third said there were no changes. At the same time, almost 40% have increased confidence in the future.

The full-scale war contributed to increasing the trust of citizens in state institutions. Trust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased from 65 to 97%, in the President – from 36 to 90%. However, 54% are no longer satisfied with the work of the Verkhovna Rada, compared to 37% who are satisfied.

The main feature of wartime is a sharp change in the channels of communication and obtaining information. There is a significant growth in groups and channels in messengers (from 11 to 41%), as well as in YouTube (from 21 to 29%). Social networks also retain their influence at the level of 35%.

One of the direct consequences of the Russian invasion was the growth of the Euro-Atlantic sentiments of Ukrainians, which showed record figures for the entire history of Ukraine. As of today, 87% of the population support Ukraine’s joining the EU and 86% the NATO.

The level of tolerance in the society increased during the war: the positive-neutral attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community increased from 53 to 64%, and to people who do not want to have children increased from 57% to 67%. However, the faith in God decreased during the year.