The company of  Rinat Akhmetov ‘Metinvest’ purchased and transferred to Ground Forces and Defense Intelligence units of Ukraine 300 drones, the total value of which is 50 million UAH, – reports the press service of the company.

Equipped with a thermal imager and an optical zoom, drones can track enemy machinery and living force at night. They have additional batteries, can cover the distance of 10 km and stay in the air for about 40 min.

Overall, ‘Metinvest’ has already provided the Ukrainian defenders with 800 drones.  While aware of the fact that drones are consumable material, the company pledged never to stop transferring them to the forefront.

‘Drones are eyes of reconnaissance men,’ = the representative of military intelligence of Ukraine Andriy Yusov noted. It is the light mobile equipment that enemy has considerable difficulty detecting. ‘Metinvest’ was involved in all the stages of its search, purchasing and transportation, which is perceived as a great amount of work by Yusov.