Ukraine’s National nuclear energy company ‘Energoatom’ has reported that all nuclear power plants in Ukraine operate stably with radiation and ecology condition within the normal indicators.

Despite the fact that Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant is occupied by Russian troops, all power units are serviced by Ukrainian workers. It is noted that the military do not formally interfere in the operation of the nuclear power plant, but the staff is forced to agree all technical solutions with the Russian commander. At the same time, all employees of the plant are carefully checked by the military.

Energoatom emphasizes that as long as people do not have the opportunity to work safely, nuclear and radiation situation is under threat.

Russian occupiers also continue to exert information pressure on the residents of Energodar city.

As reported, there are a lot of Russian military and police in the city and Ukrainian flags have been removed from almost all administrative buildings.

Currently, the city is blocked and there are problems with fuel, food and medicines.

Deputy mayor Ivan Samoidiuk has been missing for ten days already after he refused to collaborate with the occupation authorities.