Former Ukrainian comedian Serhiy Prytula who lately followed into Volodymyr Zelensky’s footsteps by founding his own political party admitted he is still undecided about how to name it properly as

In his interview for Radio Svoboda, Serhiy Prytula revealed his party structure is only taking shape and will be registered as soon as he has ‘strong teams’ in regional offices.

The politician who juggles his new political career with volunteer work in Donbas and acting as ‘Ukraine got talent’ TV show judge said he is ‘trying to communicate directly with people who are going to lead the party in regions’.

Involvement with ‘Golos’ party taught him a lesson, said Prytula, claiming  he has done much prework so that  his party could  go into the next parliamentary campaign  ‘being fully-equipped and with people you trust 100%’.

The former comedian who has won his name hosting a slew of several entertainment TV shows said it is ‘utopia’ expecting he would be liked by 100% of voters especially when “about 25% of voters  don’t think Russia is an ‘aggressor-state’, yet he still believes his party can be backed by 25-28% of Ukrainians.