The results of the meeting were summarized on the page of TCG.

During the video conference, Ukraine initiated the discussion of key security issues, exchange of prisoners of war, ceasefire etc. The Russian party showed no interest in those topics.

‘Unfortunately, all of our suggestions and ideas are not duly taken by the Russian delegation’, the members of Ukrainian delegation informed.

In particular, the head of the Ukrainian delegation Leonid Kravchuk urged the Russian party to free four persons who have serious health issues and need appropriate medical treatment.

Leonid Kravchuk called for the resumption of entry-exit checkpoints operation as the period of summer vacations and school holidays started.

Moreover, Ukraine suggested resuming thorough and comprehensive ceasefire in Donbas, agreeing mine clearance plan to enable repairs to and maintenance of critical civilian infrastructure across the line of contact. This is crucial for creating safe conditions for the operation of indispensable civilian objects etc.

It should be reminded that on April 6, 2021 Ukrainian representatives on TCG offered to hold non-calendar meeting to address the heightening hostilities. The TCG welcomed the idea but failed to produce a joint statement for its support.

Meeting  on April 28, heads of TCG delegations agreed to establish ‘Easter’ ceasefire, no documents were ratified though, ‘Easter’ ceasefire did not take place.