Evidence is stacking up against the former Privatbank chairman Oleksandr Dubilet as National Anti-Corruption Bureau seeks a court approval to add new charges.

Such ruling will help to complete the pre-trial investigation into the case of  Oleksandr Dubilet who fled the country to avoid the criminal liability, argued Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office in a statement on social media Thursday.

The detectives found that the day before ‘Privatbank’ was declared insolvent, Dubilet and his management forged bank documents, allowing transfer of UAH 136 million to the bank-affiliated insurance company.

The new charges are part of bigger investigation into ‘Privatbank’ embezzlement schemes involving its senior executives who reportedly wrote off mammoth debts of the bank-affiliated entities that left the then leading Ukrainian bank sustaining whopping USD 314 million losses.

Earlier this month, National Anti-Corruption Agency said they would probe into Pandora Papers revelations that exposed 2012-2016 offshore money transfers to Volodymyr Zelensky’s companies.