In a zoom call with media on Monday,  Azov Batallion Vladyslav ‘Wikipedia’ Zhayvoronok  revealed the horrid conditions Ukrainian captives have to deal with in Russia.

‘Russia is deciding on what will come as truth and for this truth it  is expanding on things  used as evidence,’ said the Ukrainian who was earlier freed in a prisoners’ swap.

He also spoke about Russia’s disregard for Geneva Conventions that leaves Ukrainian POWs mistreated with many of them getting no medical assistance.

The biggest concern is the psychological pressure they are getting  – the Ukrainian captives are deprived of having any contacts with their families and the outer world. while their captors tell them stories Ukraine is losing the war and turned its back on them.

Torture is a casual thing as the Russians saw nothing wrong in interrogations of the badly wounded captives. They also could put needles in the wounds and denied the Ukrainians food and water.

The  prison officials were failing to take proper care of the wounded captives and wouldn’t reach out to the medical professionals and never cared  the needed medicines were in short supply.

The conditions would be challenging even for a healthy person. Some of the badly wounded Ukrainians were not even taken to a hospital and were still kept in Olenivka prison.

‘We can only second-guess what torture was there [inflicted] to those they (Russians) considered to be healthy enough,’ added Zhayvoronok.

The videos made public give a clear idea of how difficult it is for the Ukrainian soldiers in Russian prisons.

Another former POW who was part of the Zoom conversation said he and his fellow soldiers were given 600 grams of bad food and water, which was typically a 2-day ration.