Kyiv’ office of Ukraine’s Tax Service exposed the contractor using overestimates and kickbacks to obtain undue state funds of relation to “high-risk” business entities.

“The suspects organized a VAT fraud scheme allowing them to avoid 18,6 mln. tax payment”, State Tax Service informs.

The tax service raided the company office finding 6 million US dollars in cash and bidding documents that confirm state funds embezzlement.

The officials failed to disclose the company’s name but claimed it was a multiple bids’ winner of ‘Big Construction’ state program.

Launched by the Ukrainian president Zelensky, “Big Construction” plan aims to modernize the country’s infrastructure and build new roads, schools and sports facilities. Roads’ construction subproject got its start on March 1, 2020.

In December 2020, the president’s office cited the national poll results with 93% of Ukrainians favoring the project.  The Kucherov’s “Demokratychni Initsiatyvy” Fund challenged the president office’s figures revealing its own poll results with Zelensky’s program getting only 10,5% of public approval.