Russia-led officials in Mariupol are scurrying to hide away dead bodies recovered from under the rubble  after ‘Russia Today’ TV crew staged a tank shooting stunt in the city, said Ukraine’s city administration official Petro Andrushchenko.

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According to reports, a Russian TV crew got a Russian tank to fire at a ruined apartment building at Pashkovskogo street in Mariuopol to recreate a combat scene while the next day city workers who arrived to the site for a clean-up found  least 6  bodies of the city residents who allegedly died in the earlier attacks on the city.

The bodies were swiftly were taken away and later buried in a mass grave in Vynogradove.

‘It is the first documented and undisputed fact of killings of civilians in Mariupol for production of video content. If war crimes could have some insurmountable ‘high’, Russians probably have set the bar higher,’ added the Ukrainian official.