Bukvy has joined forces with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation Museum for the information campaign shedding light on tragic stories of Ukrainians caught up in Russia’s onslaught.

From the onset of Russia’s invasion, Bukvy reporters have been in the front line of the information campaign covering the tragic stories of Ukrainians form  Mariupol and other occupied Ukrainian communities.

Meanwhile, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation set up the ‘Dopomozhemo’ humanitarian office to help prevent a humanitarian disaster in  Donbas. Its humanitarian supplies has helped to save lives of  3,5 million Ukrainians,  many of whom came forth with their war-time experiences, which  eventually became part of  Museum of Civilian Voices’ collection.

The digital museum has become the ‘world’s largest archive’ of such stories, offering visual and written eyewitnesses’ accounts of Russian atrocities in Ukraine. It also seeks to become a ‘reliable source’ of information and raise awareness of the scale of terror and suffering Ukrainians are facing now.